Anecdotal Evidence with Daniel Johnson, MD

Our lives as we live and experience them can be thought of as the stories we're writing every day. In his work as a psychiatrist, Daniel Johnson, MD has been deeply moved by the healing stories that have been shared with him over the years. Join him from his home in Asheville, NC where he shares long-form conversatons exploring the interesting and inspiring aspects to life's growth. His guests include practitioners of the healing arts as well as clients and others with compelling healing stories. Every life matters, every story is valuable - the evidence may connect you to the next chapter you're writing in your own life.
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Anecdotal Evidence with Daniel Johnson, MD



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Nov 16, 2015

"Cosmic Conversations" is a book of interviews conducted by the astronomer and physicist Stephan Martin. For this episode Dan and Stephabn have their own cosmic conversation about man's search for meaning and how it fits into our health journey. .

00:00:00 Intro
00:04:10 Stargazing in Florida
00:14:07 Elaborations on Allurement
00:21:44 Physics and Language as Limiters
00:31:10 Psi and the Placebo Effect
00:39:02 Science and Academia meet Spirituality
00:49:21 The Zero-Point Field and Continuous Creation
01:02:23 The Ongoing Wonder
01:13:00 Outro

Nov 2, 2015

Eddie LeShure is a senior teacher of mindfulness meditation in Asheville. And in today's episode he shares an incredible story of overcoming adversity in harrowing circumstances. Fortunately it's more than just an anecdote - it shaped his healing path.

In today's episode Eddie tells the story of how he was in the Attica state prison in New York during the prison riot of 1971.  The experience was truly harrowing as 39 people were killed after the National Guard ended the riot by opening fire on the inmates and their hostages.  

Although Eddie survived the experience, the trauma of it shaped his life for years to come.  He shares how he was able to heal through the immense alienation and suffering caused by being present for such a tragedy.  Furthermore, he takes us beyond the story and the anecdote of the event to the lessons he's learned from it and how he's grown.  A fascinating conversation, I hope you enjoy it.  


00:00:00 Intro
00:03:35 Dairy Farm Life
00:16:25 Hard Lessons
00:30:54 Higher Education in Attica
00:39:09 In the Hole... Inside a Riot
00:50:41 Learning Meditation in the Aftermath
01:04:42 Alone in the High Desert of New Mexico
01:23:37 Digging into our Nature
01:33:15 Embrace it and it will Pass
01:45:21 Outro