Anecdotal Evidence with Daniel Johnson, MD

Our lives as we live and experience them can be thought of as the stories we're writing every day. In his work as a psychiatrist, Daniel Johnson, MD has been deeply moved by the healing stories that have been shared with him over the years. Join him from his home in Asheville, NC where he shares long-form conversatons exploring the interesting and inspiring aspects to life's growth. His guests include practitioners of the healing arts as well as clients and others with compelling healing stories. Every life matters, every story is valuable - the evidence may connect you to the next chapter you're writing in your own life.
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Anecdotal Evidence with Daniel Johnson, MD



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Sep 5, 2016

Hello and Happy Labor Day!

As we embark on another change in seasons, I hope you've enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to fall.  

The last few episodes of the podcast have been dedicated to my experiences from Insight India 2016.  This trip was founded and led by Indu Arora.  We traveled to several cities in India to learn from great teachers of Ayurveda and Yoga, and to experience these disciplines still alive in modern practice.  As discussed in these last few episodes, the total experience was a challenge to my whole being - humbling, and yet rich with learning and discovery.

For this episode I am honored to have had the opportunity to sit down for a conversation with Indu.  My partner Brooke first met Indu in her Ayurveda wellness program here in Asheville.  She was greatly inspired by her teachings and shared some of her lectures with me.  I found her teachings of the yogic philosophy of Samkhya to be very fresh to my ears.  This was interesting, but moreover I was inspired at how much the system resonates with my intuition about the mind/body connection.  And specifically, Indu's teaching seems to strike notes of deep truth.  This is what led us to join in her trip to India, to learn more .  

I am so privileged that Indu granted me an hour to sit down with her for a conversation.  I was able to ask her questions about the nature of the mind and the body, and how we can approach our life with an organizational framework of understanding.  She responded to each of them with great knowledge and wisdom.  Some of the words may be new to the listener, and I encourage deeper investigation into the concepts she discusses.  The include the experience of yoga, the philosophy of Samkhya, the process of opening up to our deeper self.  She answered all of my questions with directness, pointing to the great mysteries of life and yet acknowledging that the discovery of these is an ever-deepening process of growing in awareness.  And she is able to do all of this with a warmth and contagious joy!  

AE024 - Indu Arora - Wake Up to Your Self

With all of that being said, if you are new to the Ayurvedic tradition, I think Indu's approach is a great place to start.  And it is a model that I highly encourage further investigation.  Her website is a great place to start.  She has recently published a beautiful book about Mudra that I would highly recommend for those interested in investigating the mind-body connection.  

We had a lovely conversation that I've reflected on a great deal over the past few months.  I am honored to share this with you and I hope you enjoy our conversation.